Donations are always welcome

We ask for monetary donations to help cover the cost of purchasing school supplies for home use for all grade levels plus picture dictionaries for kindergartners as well as the cost of purchasing the many cases of backpacks needed in addition to those donated.

You may donate directly to Congregations for Kids using your credit card, debit card or PayPal account through this special Congregations for Kids PayPal link.

Please enter your congregation/organization's name under "write a note."  And please click to share your address so that Congregations for Kids can thank you.

When a donation is completed (or aborted) you will automatically be sent back to this Congregations for Kids website.

Checks and money can be donated through the Congregations for Kids representative at your participating congregation or organization.  

Please check with your employer about matching gifts to Congregations for Kids.

Checks can also be mailed directly to:

Eastside Interfaith Social Concerns Council
P.O. Box 662
Bellevue, WA 98009-0662

Checks should be written to:  Congregations for Kids/EISCC

               All donations are tax deductible.

EISCC is an IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt entity, EIN 94-3036001.

Monetary donations in 2023 had totaled $23,575 from congregations, a retirement community, and individuals by the end of August last year.  They went towards the purchase of backpacks and home-use supplies.  Backpacks were also donated by a corporation and some congregations.